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Kinder bei einer Führung am Flugahfen Dresden

Information for terminal visitors: during private events the visitor platform is not open to the public. It may also be closed for setting-up before and dismantling after such events.
You can check whether the visitor platform is open before your visit by phoning the airport information desk on +49 351 881-3360.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Für Veranstaltungen und Touren am Dresdner Flughafen können Sie bequem von zu Hause Tickets buchen.

Airport information desk


+49 (0)351 881-3360



14 June-15 July Public viewing of the World Cup at Dresden Airport

Flights, fans and football fever at the terminal

Flüge, Fans und Fußballfieber im Terminal

To mark the World Cup in Russia, all the matches will be shown live in the terminal from
14 June to 15 July. There will be two giant screens in the World Cup lounge on the Departures level where visitors can watch all the action. A wide range of food and beverages will be available from ElbeZeit GmbH. Admission is free.

24 June-12 August: Summer Evening tours at the airport

Every Sunday from 18:00!

Guided tour of Dresden Airport

On our popular Summer Evening tours, participants (max. 30 per tour) will be given a brief guided tour of the terminal building, after which they will pass through security. Then they will take a bus ride out onto the apron to watch aircraft being handled. No airport tour would be complete without a visit to the fire station, where fire-fighters will present their firefighting equipment and the impressive 1250 hp Panther 8x8.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Tickets: children up to age 14: €8, adults: €12
  • Booking is essential: call +49 (0)351 881 3300 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, outside these times: +49 (0)351 881 3360) or e-mail
  • Meeting point: airport information desk in the terminal (don’t forget your ID!)

Tickets in the web shop

Dresden Airport web shop (in German only)

6 July-10 August: Mini and Maxi tours in the summer holidays

Kids bored in the summer holidays? Not at the airport, that’s for sure!

Children watching an aircraft being handled at Dresden Airport

With planeloads of holidaymakers heading south from Dresden every day, children can now get right into the thick of the action! An airport guide will take them in an apron bus to watch luggage being loaded into the planes, and if they want they can also head over to the airport fire station.

  • Every Tuesday and Friday
  • Tickets for the 60-minute Mini tour (departs 10:00): children up to age 14, with holiday pass: €4 (without holiday pass: €5), adults: €7
  • Special price for the 90-minute Maxi tour (departs 14:00): children up to age 14: €6, adults: €9 (usually €1 more)
  • Booking is essential: call +49 (0)351 881 3300 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00, outside these times: +49 (0)351 881 3360) or e-mail
  • Meeting point: airport information desk in the terminal (don’t forget your ID!)

Tickets in the web shop

Dresden Airport web shop (in German only)

3 and 4 August: Exclusive Ju 52 photo tour at Dresden Airport

Hugo Junkers’ Ju 52 is seen as the grande dame” of the aviation industry. For many it is a flying monument and much more than a vintage aircraft. Enthusiasm for what we Germans call “Aunty Ju” has been undiminished for many decades, which is why the sightseeing flights we put on sell out almost immediately.

Illsutration: Ju-52

The Ju 52 is back in Saxony in early August. Dresden Airport is offering aviation enthusiasts the chance to attend the landing and to take close-up pictures of this flying gem. Participants on this tour will first pass through security and will then board a bus to travel out over the apron. The tour guide will also provide a fascinating insight into the operation and development of the airport. After the Ju 52 has landed, participants will get to see another legendary aircraft: the fuselage of the 152, the first German commercial jet airliner, which is on display in the west wing of the terminal. There will be opportunities to take pictures from the outside and the inside of the aircraft.

There are just 20 places on this exclusive two-hour tour.

  • Dates: 3 August, 16:30; 4 August, 13:30
  • Meet at the airport information desk
  • Don’t forget your ID!
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Price: €15 per person
  • Bookings exclusively in the online shop

Tickets in the web shop

Dresden Airport web shop (in German only)

11 August 2018: High Fliers Starting School

The first day of school is a very special day for children, parents, grandparents and friends. Our venue, Dresden Airport, is the perfect setting for celebrating this unique event.

Illustration: Children starting school

We welcome you in the LuftRAUM (terminal) at 14:00 with a juice and sparkling wine reception. Then there’s a sumptuous sweet and savoury snack buffet with something to suit everyone’s taste. A selection of hot drinks, orange juice and water are included; other drinks are available for purchase. We can also serve a special cake (please order in advance).
After a range of exciting activities featuring a sweet bar*, arts and crafts for the children and table football, you and your party will leave on a 90-minute discovery tour, on which you’ll be taken out onto the apron and to the airport fire station. Every school starter will also be given a small surprise gift. We look forward to welcoming you!
Admission for school starters and children up to age 5 is free. Children up to age 14 pay €29.90 and adults pay €39.90. Parking in the multi-storey car park is included. We will post you your boarding passes for High Fliers Starting School within up to three working days of ordering.


  • 14:00 Doors open, juice and sparkling wine reception
  • 14:30 Sweet and savoury buffet and fun activities for kids
  • 16:30 90-minute airport discovery tour

*extra charge

Tickets in the web shop

Dresden Airport web shop (in German only)

9 September 2018: 152 Tour with Coffee

Germany’s first ever commercial jet aircraft was built in Dresden in the 1950s and took off on its maiden flight on 4 December 1958. On the 152 Tour you’ll find out more about this milestone in the history of aviation in Dresden.

9. September 2018: 152-Tour mit Kaffeetrinken

Following the successful repositioning of the 152 in Dresden Airport’s west wing in early April, we now present this legendary aircraft as part of a 90-minute tour including a security check and a bus ride across the apron, followed by coffee and cakes in the terminal. On this tour you get the rare opportunity to see the last preserved fuselage of the 152 from both the outside and the inside.

  • Start time: 14:30
  • Duration: 90 minutes, followed by coffee
  • Minimum age: 14
  • Price: €14.90
  • Booking is essential: call +49 (0)351 881 3300 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00,
    outside these times: +49 (0)351 881 3360) or e-mail
  • Meeting point: airport information desk in the terminal (don’t forget your IDI)
  • Tickets in the online shop

Exhibition: STASIS and MOVEMENT, the peace before the flight

Thomas Reichstein presents his figurative, life-size sculptures embodying “inner peace” at various points throughout the Dresden Airport terminal. A particularly interesting example is the life-size “Das Liegende Paar” (The Reclining Couple). Other works include abstract mythical creatures that also appeal to children.

Das liegende Paar - Kunstwerk von Thomas Reichstein im Flughafen Dresden Terminal.
Sculpture “Das liegende Paar” by Thomas Reichstein. (Picture: private)

The Dresden-based artist explains his intention thus: “The airport is a place where the journey pauses, is put on hold. You set off full of vigour at home, get to the airport, check in and drop off your baggage. And then, once you have completed all the formalities, you experience a unique phase of relaxation. You can stroll around, meditate or enter into a dialogue with artworks.”

Exhibition: “Sachsen hebt seine Schätze”

Saxony’s State Agency for the Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG) presents a new exhibition on the Departures level of the terminal: “Sachsen hebt seine Schätze” (Saxony unlocks its treasures). The aim of this exhibition is to open up the subject of geology to everyone.

Ausstellung  Sachsen hebt seine Schätze

Visitors walk through a mock-up of an underground mining gallery with interactive screens on which they can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of minerals. Not to be missed by young and old alike is the eight-square-metre hidden object picture that tells the story of mining in Saxony right up to the present day. Exhibits such as the model of a geothermal heat plant vividly demonstrate the role geology plays in our everyday lives today and how it can be used to generate energy. 

Part of the exhibition is dedicated to the ROHSA 3 project. Saxony has a wealth of data on meticulously explored mineral deposits and detailed information on deep geological strata. This data is being digitised and made accessible through a search engine as part of the ROHSA project.

The exhibition will be open until April 2019. Admission is free.

Regular events at the airport

Guided Tours
Playport Dresden: Fun and games for kids
Airport Chaplaincy: Prayers, Holy Mass, services, volunteers’ evenings
Fotoclub Reflex e.V. Dresden-Weixdorf: Permanent exhibition on the visitor platform

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