Guided tours and playtime fun at Dresden Airport

Experience the fascination of flying on an airport tour

Illustration: Children on a guided tour of Dresden Airport

Children watching the comings and goings on the apron from the airport bus on a guided tour

Exciting guided tours of the airport are the hot tip for your school, family, office or club excursion. Our tour guides take you behind the scenes, tell you about the history and future of Dresden Airport and explain how all the various services operating on the apron work together.

All tours must be booked by telephone. Photographs and videos may be taken for private use. Dresden International Airport announces its special events (holiday tours, children's festivals with guided tours) in its publications and press releases.

We can provide catering on guided tours if required. The Conference Centre rooms are an ideal venue for this.

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Publications and press releases

Für Veranstaltungen und Touren am Dresdner Flughafen können Sie bequem von zu Hause Tickets buchen.

Advice and reservations

Jana Franke


+49 (0)351 881-3300,
881-3360 at weekends


Meeting point for tour participants: airport information desk
(arrivals level)

Mini and Maxi Tours

On the Mini Tour (60 minutes) you'll find out everything there is to know about the terminal. After passing through a security check, you will take a ride in a modern apron bus during which you will find out all there is to know about the history and future of the airport. From the bus you can take pictures and videos of aircraft being handled.

On the Maxi Tour (90 minutes) you'll also call in at our fire station with its state-of-the-art firefighting technology. You'll find Panthers lying in wait there and waiting to be stroked. As an alternative to the fire station, we also offer fixed-price Maxi Tours that include a trip to the weather station (max. 15 persons).

The Maxi Tour for individuals is always on the last Sunday in the month at 16:30.

Illustration: Airport fire station

The highlight of the Maxitour is a visit to the fire station.

Experience Tour

Over two exciting hours you’ll get an in-depth picture of what goes on behind the scenes at Dresden International Airport. After a security check, you’ll find out all there is to know about our airport – past and present. You’ll get right up close to the aircraft in an apron bus and you’ll see our impressive aircraft technology fleet at first hand. Then you’ll visit our modern fire station where a fire-fighter will demonstrate one of our unique fire-fighting vehicles.

Hot tip: The experience tour is particularly suitable for fire brigades and visitors interested in technology.

Illustration: Get a close-up view of the aircraft on an exciting guided tour.

On our exciting guided tours you’ll get right up close to the aircraft.

Weather Station Tour

The German Meteorological Service (DWD) weather station is situated right alongside the runway. On a tour of the weather station and its weather garden, you’ll find out lots of fascinating facts about what the DWD does, the measuring equipment it uses and the weather data it collects (90 minutes, with a tour of the apron).

Führung zur Wetterwarte

Guided tour to the weather station

Follow-Me Tour

The Follow-Me Tour for up to four people is our top-of-the-range tour – and makes a fantastic present.
After a guided tour of the terminal and a champagne reception in the best room in the Conference Centre with its panoramic view of the apron, you’ll go on a unique journey of discovery in a follow-me vehicle. You’ll get to see aircraft being handled right up close and you’ll find out everything that’s worth knowing about aviation. Join a follow-me driver at work over three exciting hours.

Illustration: The illuminated runway

Runway at night

Airport History Tour

Spend one-and-a-half hours with us travelling back into an exciting past! In our Aero Lounge you’ll first learn all about the history of aviation in Dresden and the development of the airport site. Entertaining and armed with plenty of anecdotes, our tour guides will give you background information on the construction of the terminal building and many other fascinating topics. Afterwards you’ll get a hands-on history lesson on a tour of the last preserved fuselage of the legendary 152 jet airliner and the Saxon State Police’s Mi-2 helicopter.

Illustration: Fuselage of the legendary 152

Fuselage of the legendary 152 jet aircraft

Technology Up Close Tour

This exclusive hands-on tour is unique in Germany. Up to two people at a time (aged 18 and above) get the chance to experience aircraft being handled from an exceptionally close perspective. You’ll get a first-hand impression of the work of the aircraft handling company PortGround GmbH, ride in ground handling vehicles (pushback, de-icer, passenger stairs and towbar tractor) and operate selected appliances yourself.

This three-hour tour is intended for anyone interested in technology and all aviation fans. It also makes an excellent special birthday or Christmas present.

Illustration: Experiencing technology at first hand at Dresden Airport

Technology Up Close Tour - riding in a PortGround GmbH pushback vehicle

Science Tour – "Physics takes off"

This tour brings physics lessons to life. For school students in years 6 to 10, three different concepts have been created which focus on the topics of dynamic and static lift. In the theoretical part, trained guides teach the students about physical variables and processes that play a role in aviation, with particular emphasis on mass, weight and gravity and the history of aviation. Students are taken out onto the apron in an airport bus to learn about the finer points of aircraft handling, take-off and landing from close by. To test what they have learned they are given questionnaires to complete which are rated at the end of the tour.

The science tour is organised on request only. The maximum group size is 30.

Illustration: Physics takes off - the science tour

The science tour focuses on the physical processes of flying


TourApprox. length in hoursIndividual price per child/student
Individual price per adult
Groups: minimum price, children/ students
Groups: minimum price, adults
Mini Tour1€5€7€100€100
Maxi Tour1.5€7€10€120€150
Weather Station Tour1.5€7€10€120€150
Experience Tour2€12€15€180€225
Follow-Me Tour3

€180 (for max. 4 persons, incl. 1 soft drink per person)€180 (for max. 4 persons, incl. 1 glass of sparkling wine or soft drink per person)
Technology Up Close3

Airport History Tour1.5€7€10€120€150
Science Tour – "Physics takes off"2
€8up to 2 accompanying adults free of charge€150€150

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