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Illustration: Passengers waiting at the baggage carousel
Baggage reclaim in the Dresden Airport Terminal

Before starting your journey, please check your baggage allowance, the excess baggage charges and permitted hand baggage dimensions with your airline. At the check-in counters in the Dresden Airport terminal you will find baggage frames which you can use to check whether your hand baggage is the right size.

Safety regulations for hand baggage and hold baggage

You can obtain full details of prohibited objects on flights and information on carrying liquids in hand baggage from your travel agent, your airline and on the following web pages:

List of prohibited items in checked and hand baggage [PDF file; 227 kB]
Safety regulations for hand baggage [PDF file, 330 kB, German only]
German Federal Police travel information (German only)
German Federal Ministry of the Interior website (German only)

List of prohibited objects, Annex 4-C Flight passengers and hand baggage 
[PDF file 44 KB]

List of prohibited objects, Annex 5-B Hold baggage  [pdf file 38 KB]

The counter for outsize items is to the left of the security control area on the Departures level in the terminal.
Baggage reclaim: In the Arrivals hall, check the monitors above the baggage carousels for your flight number and departure airport and collect your baggage from the carousel indicated.

Lost & Found: If any of your baggage is missing or if you discover that your baggage has been damaged, please contact the Lost & Found office on the Arrivals level in the terminal. You can also reach our staff via e-mail at or by fax
at +49 (0)351 881-4056.
The contact for all customers is ASD Airport Services Dresden GmbH.

ASD Airport Services Dresden GmbH

The lost property office keeps objects found in the terminal.

Lost property

Illustration: Frame for checking dimensions of hand baggage at the check-in counter

Frame for checking dimensions of hand baggage at the check-in counter


Baggage trolleys, left luggage

Baggage trolleys are available at the airport station, outside and inside the terminal, at all outdoor car parks and in the multi-storey car park. These trolleys take one and two euro coins.

There is a left luggage facility on level 00 of the multi-storey car park in the vicinity of the entrance. The lockers are available for hire for up to 24 hours.

  • 12 lockers size 85 x 35 x 62 cm (€3)
  • 2 lockers size 85 x 35 x 45 cm (€2)
  • 1 locker size 85 x 35 x 95 cm (€4)

Tips for using the lockers:

  • When you have deposited your luggage in the locker and paid the hire charge, you will be given a paper ticket with a barcode.
  • To retrieve your luggage, insert this ticket in the slot provided. Your locker will open automatically.
  • If the hire period is exceeded by up to 72 hours, you will be charged an additional € 6. If luggage is left in the locker for longer than 72 hours, the locker will be automatically opened  and a charge of € 15 will be payable.
  • Lost tickets will incur a locker opening fee of € 30.
Illustration: Left-luggage lockers in the multi-storey car park

Left-luggage lockers in the multi-storey car park

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