Customs regulations  

Regulations for tourists and endangered plants and animals

Illustration: Prohibited holiday souvenirs
A display in the terminal waiting area showing prohibited holiday souvenirs

Souvenirs, gifts, regional products - air passengers carry a wide range of goods with them. You can find out more about what you can and cannot take out of or bring into Germany on the website of the German Customs Administration. Are there any restrictions on values or quantities? What goods can only be brought in in small quantities or are completely banned? How much duty will I have to pay if I exceed the permitted allowances? You can find answers to these and many more questions at:

Customs regulations for tourists

Customs officers checking inbound passengers’ baggage often find souvenirs made out of endangered plants or animals. The consequences for passengers are unpleasant, but the damage to nature is irreversible. The German Customs Administration and the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation can tell you which protected animals and plants and products made from them you could be offered for sale in different holiday countries. Caution is also advised when collecting shells or plants on a stroll along the beach or a walk in the country.

Endangered plants and animals know no borders

Illustration: An animal is not a holiday souvenir!

Seltene Muscheln und Schnecken gehören zu den verbotenen Urlaubssouvenirs.

Customs at the airport

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